Creep was a band formed in the early 1990s with all original members of Korn except Jonathan Davis.


Photo Taken by Kornspace member named Roger


Creep produced 8 songs during their short time together. These songs were produced on cassettes as demos and only two known tapes have been recovered. 5 out of 8 songs have been released online and are available to download on websites such as Kornspace and

Tracks 1-4 are on a recovered Creep Demo that was released to the public on Kornspace and kornmemorabilia by a member named Roger. Picture evidence of the Demo tape with tracks 5-8 with only track 6 being released under the name of "See Thru".

Here is the track listing of the songs on the demo tapes.

Demo Tape 1

1. Why Can't I Breathe

2. Soul Suck

3. Amongst The Greed

4. Don't Know Why

Demo Tape 2


Screencap taken from a Korn Webisode of the second Creep demo tape.

5. Dead Wrong

6. Follow Me (Possibly also named "See Thru")

7. We The People

8. Painted Man

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